Wall Street Warriors-the stock brokers

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  1. those poor bastards had all their clients load up on SNDK and they had them average down. did anyone of the brokers get shot?
  2. Yea, I saw that too. What were they buying it at $45. Wow, thats gota leave a mark.
  3. Jim Ayers is gone and left the biz in Dec 2007.
  4. what suckers, even timmmayyy is still in the biz, kinda
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    They talked that poor Brit into putting $900,000+ into SNDK and it's down almost 50% since that episode.
    "Just a drop in the Atlantic" he says! :D
  6. what firm are those brokers from? this way i don't inest any of my paper route money with them. seriously though,what firm is it? that british guy must be beside himself. just goes to show,a stock broker ai'nt know stock picker.
  7. Like many brokers, they do their research without doing any type of technical analysis. "The company's good", "blew out the street numbers"....et al. None of it matters - if the stock is going down and breaking support: it's going down - fundamentals in the short term won't matter.
  8. What do you expect when you can make big money no matter what the outcome is?

    It's almost like...being CEO of CitiGroup! Or Merrill Lynch!! Or Northern Rock!! Or...
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    Very good point here. So they had no trading plan / exit strategy to minimize loses and possibly buy later.
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