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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by switze22, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. If anyone here has watched season 2 of Wall Street Warriors, is the black girl getting a job at a Prop Firm?

    It seems thats what the place is but I'm not sure.
  2. yes
  3. I got the impression from this site that Prop firms were more for people with great trading records then college finance grads?
  4. The firm on the show is Avatar Trading. There are certain firms that focus on hiring college grads from top institutions because they believe their intellect will minimize losses and risk to their firm. Sometimes this holds true, but I have learned that my education was useless when day trading. The best education I could have received for this field was just experience. Recognizing patterns in charts and price movements helps immensely along with a vast working knowledge of charting. Although some traders don't even use technical analysis and are still wildly successful. These firms shouldn't place too much emphasis on education since its contribution is minimal in day trading success. Character and personality traits are most important, which was also considered by the managers as evidenced by their questions about perseverance and resiliency. I guess they take everything into account, and assume a correlation exists between an overpriced education and lowered risk.
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    read the original thread on WSW2 all questions answered, and its not avavatar
  6. Sorry for the mixup, Avatar's offices look modern like the offices in the show. I looked up the thread, very informative, thanks for that.
    Seems like that trading floor is shared by three companies, makes more sense now. Never heard of a setup involving three companies sharing the same office, but you learn something new every day.
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    Uh.....SMB and Avatar are DO NOT share trading floors.

    Why would prop firms share offices??? We're all paranoid about each other finding our 'secrets.'