Wall Street Warriors 3?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cubical, Mar 25, 2010.

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    Hope this is the right forum to post this. Does anyone know when it will be available to buy or download? Thanks.
  2. Such an old post, and i did a search and i cant find anywhere to watch the gd thing. Thanks to Hulu, I have to pay for shit now.
  3. I'm not sure it's even out there? there's nothing about it on the Mojo site...

    I just hope Timmy will be back in the third season. Cause, "seriously, you're awesome, Tim!"

    What a twat.

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  4. After the market dropped I think they did season 2 and stopped. They might bring it back not sure. Season 2 was meh, a lot of the people on it were kind of wiped out. Timothy is still running around trying to self-promote. You should of seen him on the kirkreport, they had an interview making himself look like a genius trader.
  5. It was a good laugh.
  6. Trying? The guy is pulling in 5 million plus per year. I promise you that's much more than all of elite traders at his age and quite possibly everyone here, even baron and don bright. Say what you will but facts are The guy is super successful before 30.
  7. Where did u find the 5 mill figure?
  8. 5 mil a year ? In what ? Zimbabwe dollars ?

  9. Pekelo


    Looks like the 3rd season just didn't find a good home to be broadcasted. A pity because it was filmed during the 2008 havoc. I couldn't find it either...

    The first 2 seasons are aviable on thepiratebay and Amazon on demand.(if you want to pay $40)

    Actually, here they are for free from Comcast: