Wall Street Warriors 3

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  1. Apart from:

    Timmay, Golddigger, BondGirl, Brett and Latitty.

    Otherwise it was an ok show.
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  2. I was invited to this too but recall throwing the invite away. Why do I need to pay $70/year to have a line on a resume I don't need. Pure fluff to make people think they are more special than they are.
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  3. any update on whether this came out?
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  4. Dont think so.

    Looks like the Bear Market/Credit crunch killed it.
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Finally got to see this show. Favorite character of the Show in my book is Brett. Kind of reminds me of my humble beginnings, working dirty jobs and moving up in life. Only if more young Americans were more like Brett instead of dumbasses listening to rap and wearing baggy pants or just being slackers in general. Kid is very smart and hardworking. What makes this country great is anyone who works hard and is persistent can make it.

    Laetitia was cute when she got excited over her little 1K profit :)

    Pit crew of course, love them. I worked pits for a while, great experience before moving on.

    I get a kick out of watching young folks blossom into success from hard work.
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  8. I had a gut feeling he might be gay.

    But in all honesty, I could give a rats ass. As long as he produces the green.
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  9. Was the third really released?Was fun to watch the first two.:)
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  10. Emil


    I wonder if they have sold it to foreign networks, I've seen a few episodes on the swedish channel TV4 Fakta.
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