Wall Street Warriors 3

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  1. The show was shallow, unresearched and hastily contrived. Most of it was BS, that's the problem.

    It was a good idea but the people executing simply had no clue about the industry.
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  2. Do you even think anyone would watch someone from Goldman Sachs talking about Mergers and Bond yields and option pricing? Fuck no. 90% of ET wouldn't even watch that shit. Mass populas wants to see accounts exploding or people making cash hand over fist, not some old wrickley dudes talking about gamma scalping.

    "Real" Wallstreet and Mass entertainment are rarely going to mix.

    I do agree on Brett being a dillbag though.
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  3. I checked that link about Brett, and his bio states "...was granted membership in the Golden Key International Honour Society"

    OK, I have nothing against any of these guys and glad they're successful, but I have a serious question...does the Golden Key International Honour Society mean anything? I ask because they invited me to join as well, and I declined thinking it was just a scam to get some membership dues from me. I was pretty surprised to see it listed on his bio.

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  4. LOL,

    Lets see if these clowns can call SANDSK. LOL.

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  5. Its too bad WSW 3 didn't get picked up.. I can't say I loved the previous two seasons, but for some reason dying to watch this season. Seems like they actually have some pros on this time.. as opposed to Timmmmmmay.
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. TraDaToR


    Real traders don't care about what non traders make... This guy Brett was just managing public relations for a fund. He can be successful at what he does but we don't care.

    It's just like John Carter making more ( apparently ) with his crappy courses than the guys of the P§L thread... We just don't care. He is still a failed trader and he knows it. All the money in the world cannot buy the accomplishment of living off what you love.
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  8. lol too bad those guys wsw didnt do a pieace about goldman,bear stearns, citigroup, etc people. It would probably be used as evidence during their next trial or congressional hearing. Come on we all know all of those people are crooks from top to bottom no matter where theyre from weather its goldman sacks, or no name broker.

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  9. JimYoung


    You have to have a decent GPA to get into goldenkey... so its a way to brag that you have a high gpa... kinda like the people who say they graduated "magna cum laude" from their school... just another verfication

    means at the very least he's smart! he was able to use tv to enhance his image
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  10. JimYoung


    As an FYI, here is Brett's linkedin profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/bhickey

    apparently he started aegis while still at smithbarney/citi

    he's a YPO guy. say what you say, but thats a good group to be in
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