Wall Street Warriors 3

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    Damit. I thought the show was pretty good. Hope someone picks it up.
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  2. Why doesn't CNBC pick it up? Its way better than watching Suze "Fat Ass" Orman and Donny Douchebag.
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  3. I actually loved the show. Timothy Sykes seems to have irked people, but I thought he made the 1st season by himself. The 2nd season was a bit of a let down but still enjoyable. The midget Private Equity douchebag from season 2 was the only guy that rubbed me the wrong way the whole series. For the life of me I couldn't figure out what he did to make money. Types like him are what is wrong with Wall Street
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  4. JA_LDP


    Brett made money because he catered to the gay clients.
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  5. c4ytan


    I think types like Sykes are exactly what's wrong with Wall Street... greed, arrogance, insensitivity... the whole works...

    I can see how Brett can rub people the wrong way... it's called "envy". I know... I felt envious too... 28 years old and managing a $100M fund? WTH!? But give the man his due... dude has balls to start out a firm of his own and clearly he understands his business well and the value of PR.
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  6. 1) Sykes is a babbling fool failed trader turned snake oil salesman.

    2) It's already been proven here that Brett WAS NOT the manager of the fund. He was the 3rd or 4th guy down from the top (check the WSW2 thread).
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  7. Kristine ross is hot!
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  8. JimYoung


    People didn't like Brett because they were jealous. He was under 30 and had a gorgeous apartment.. flew private planes... had owners of large companies sucking up to him

    If you're under 30 and you are being flown to a private island of a wealthy investor... then you can make comments about how "successful" he is.


    and to each his own. Sykes found a way to make a million dollars before he was 25. Brett found a way to make a million dollars (well a lot more) before he was 30. Good for him! I was glad to get an insight into his life.

    Now the two guys pumping sandisk stock and acting like the smartest men on wall street (dollar cost average! gotta keep buying more! stay in for the long term! look at me i'm living the wall street dream!) i can do without them
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  9. So did a sh@tload of boobs trading back in 1999-2000 and just like Sykes they lost it all after the Nasdaq bubble burst.

    Sykes ridiculously awful "fund" (more like a moderately sized retail account) closed after he went 5+ years with a cumulative negative return.
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  10. People often get easily fooled by that magical box called TV.

    Brett is just the Public Relations of that soon to be failed fund. He helped raised money, supposedely, probably working off some connects he made while as an investment banker (something he was not good at it). Or maybe through family & friends. I would guess he comes from money, cause your average person cannot afford figure skating lessons.
    Apparently the guy is a grade A scumbag and pathological liar, but this is info you wont see on TV, only through word of mouth.

    Brett came off as an in-the-closet, pompous, self absorbed, lying douchebag. And he did call for envy with the show he put on, most of which was nothing more than a show. Looking at that Aegis fund, it's a joke, just take notice of some of the crap companies they invest in. All consumer based, hence, soon to be failed in this environment.
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