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  1. Thanks, but the entire episode 3 is available on the Mojo Tv website.

    Can you or anyone put other episodes on youtube?

  2. It takes a bit of work to chop it up and edit it? Any particular version you want?
  3. Anything that isn't already available on the MojoTV site.

  4. can you please give me a link to the whole episode?
  5. Daxtrader


    I don't get it. Is there really a need for floor traders anymore? Why do they go around taking orders on paper? Isn't everything done electronically now? Why is a seat on the exchange worth so much? What are the advantages?

    Also, can someone please explain in simple terms exactly what a specialist does? Who employs the specialist? That specialist in wsw episode, what is he doing? How do they work in such a fast paced environment with all these people yelling around him? Do specialists ever lose money?

    Btw, just saw all 6 episodes of this show. Very entertaining. That pakistani bond trader is kinda hot. The blonde "deal maker" is just retarded though. She looks like a paris hilton wannabe. She seems to be whoring her looks to make contacts.
  6. Thanks for the link uptik.

    Daxtrader, where did you go to get all 6 episodes? i wouldnt mind watching them.

  7. is there any ways these episodes could be saved to HDD for offline reviewing or can only be seen online?
  8. You can find full seaons on torrent sites just google for Wall St. Warrior torrent
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