Wall Street Traders Set to Knock Each Other Out for Charity

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  1. Nov. 1 (Bloomberg)

    When Josh ``The Matrix'' Weintraub of Bear Stearns Cos. steps into the boxing ring tonight, he will have 130 supporters in his corner as he fights Goldman Sachs Group Inc.'s Shane ``Second Coming'' Kinahan in a charity match.

    Weintraub and Kinahan are two of the 16 Wall Street professionals -- all men -- who have trained since August to beat each other up in a series of three-round bouts. Almost 800 friends, family, colleagues and guests paid as much as $800 apiece to watch and dine on beef tenderloin and Guinness ice cream.


    So, who made it ?:D
  2. someone get timothy sykes in the ring.

    now that will be a fight worth attending.
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    Don't see any results on the Trader mag website. According to this story, Bear's Josh "The Matrix" Weintraub knocked out Goldman’s Shane "Second Coming" Kinahan in the 1st round. That was the only KO out of the 8 fights that night.
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    Yes, I'd pay for that also.