Wall Street & The Options Market

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    Those crazy analysts and their comments...
    Wall Street & The Options Market

    Wall Street & The Options Market

    Wall Street Is Waking Up To The Options Biz
    It wasn't long ago that most Wall Street analysts considered the derivatives markets to be dangerous and arcane financial backwaters. Derivatives might be useful tools for executive compensation or for sophisticated hedge funds, but the real action was in the equity and fixed income markets.

    However, that viewpoint changed with the initial public offering of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). The CME IPO, and the subsequent explosion of CME stock, awakened Wall Street to the enormous profit potential lurking in the derivatives markets.

    In this article, we will examine some of the more insightful, intriguing, inflammatory and downright bizarre analyst comments from recent options industry events....

    Wall Street & The Options Market
  2. Those analysts wouldn't know an option if it bit them in the good ol' rear end.

    "Portfolio margining has been good for the retail investor?"


    "Futures are growing faster than options?"


    Those analysts are idiots. It just goes to prove the old Wall street adage that, if you want to talk to someone who doesn't know sh#t about an industry, then talk to an analyst.