Wall street sequel

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  1. the timing is impeccable!!!!!

    "It isn't just the Energizer Bunny nature of the major indexes that has spurred talk of a denouement, though. Frenetic deal activity, record financial-system leverage and unprecedented public fascination with successful money managers are other indicators of excessive froth. There are also bad omens from popular culture such as the announcement of a remake of the movie "Wall Street" in the works, with Michael Douglas set to reprise his role as Gordon Gekko, now out of prison and running a hedge fund. The original film hit theaters two months after the 1987 crash, the biggest one-day percentage drop ever for stocks. " Excerpt from Spencer Jakob today.
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    Great news. This turned out to be a great evening. First really nice Heng Seng morning, and now this.

    I was only able to fully apreciate Wall Street after I read "Den of Thieves". "Greed is Good" is Boesky saying after all.
  3. There already is a Wall Street sequel.

    It's called "Boiler Room"
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    I disagree. I liked Boiler Room a lot, but it is a different leage and concept.
  5. Well there yoou go...all we do is sell two months before this film hits and life is grand !

    Actually I think we really are starting to see the irrational exuberance of the late 90s all over again.

    Once the S&P breaks into new highs things are going to get very scary
  6. Boiler room, awesome! movie, just saw it yesterday. Are brokers usually that agressive with clients?...