'Wall Street' sequel to set Gordon Gekko in hedge fund era

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    Supposedly, this sequel will NOT have the Bud Fox character this time around but Gekko will remain unchanged, but in modern day times.

    If Hollywood decides to give Gekko another young protege (like Bud Fox was) in the new flick, who would be the best choice?

    My guess would be Matt Damon or Leonardo.

    P.S. You can't vote for TIMMAY. Only real actors. :D
  2. How about a woman ? I tend to like them better :D

    Rachel McAdams comes to find, she's quite talented.

  3. Easy. Marlon Wayans :D

  4. ess1096


    Um, I already said you CAN'T vote for TIMMAY! :D
  5. LOL :D :D :D
  6. zdreg


    rebecca demornay as in dealers
  7. Protege... hrmmm... realistically... Seth Green or DJ Qualls.... It's gotta be a geeky lookin' kid.

    Most of the athletic jocks end up becoming sales/marketing. Maybe a local or specialist in the floor. "The Rock" or Vin Diesel... ( I guess it'll become like the Boiler room)

    Desk people like dealers??? Young = Annoying actors. Old = Fat wholesome....

    Anyways, as long as one of the Jessicas (Alba, Biel, or Simpson) plays some cheezy slut and has a full nude sex scene, I'll be fine....

  8. She is aging hard. Have you seen her in "John from Cincinnati" ??? Maybe its just makeup, but she does not look anything like the hot woman she used to be.
  9. sim03



    Jessica Alba will not even get topless on screen (not counting a fleeting, meticulously planned, underwater nip slip in "Into the Blue"), so don't hold your breath...

    Bud Fox 2 gotta be a guy. What would be fun is to make him a pure capitalist tool, more conscience-free, out-Gekko the man himself, for a change. None of that stupid PC Hollywood ending crap.
  10. Sequoia


    what about Adrian Pasdar ? he was perfect in Jim Profit... He would give hard times to Gekko...
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