Wall Street ramps up hiring as profits rebound

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    HAHA, yea fucking right, you honestly think they want to avoid what happened before, if they know the taxpayer is here to pay for all of wall streets problems they wont have a care in the world coming up with the best ways to make profits. Anyone who actually believes they are creating something called risk management on wallstreet is a damn fool. Greed is addicting, as soon as they are able to profit from it in any way shape of form they wont think twice about fucking over the little guy again. This is going one hell of an economy moving forward.

    Another in-demand Wall Street job: risk managers. They're in charge of monitoring banks' daily activities to ensure companies don't wager too much of their own capital -- a routine task many large firms were accused of neglecting in the prelude to the credit crisis.

    "Risk management has certainly gotten much more important," said Lipstein of Boyden Global Executive Search. "We're seeing those positions being created in the upper echelon of Wall Street firms. They want to avoid what happened before."