Wall Street pundits says it's impossible ...

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  1. ... to predict top and bottom well just look @ this and it seems like science fiction but it's real : charts are posted several hours before market's opening :D

    Illustration of the "Feyman-like effect"

    If you read the interpretation guide thourougly (
    http://perso.wanadoo.fr/harrytrader/_sgt/m1m2s3_1.htm )I rapidly
    mentionned this curious effect. It has a very practical utility since
    it can help to anticipate truncation and get the super top or the
    super bottom sometimes with an ASTONISHING ACCURACY: See example
    illustration below on 021202:

    Yesterday Dow made a low at 8653 it was near the feynman level of

    Also yesterday on cac made of low of 3170.3 near the 3167.85 feyman
    level (see

    The most spectacular was:


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  2. "Some of you could remember this post on some forums:
    >To understand the logic of cycle :
    >comment soon.

    Now we have just reached the potential TL marked on the chart at 8949
    (TL for "Top Level"). From now on we are in overbought territory on
    scale 2 (daily calculation).

    Nevertheless the maxi projection on this scale was 9084 and sell
    pressure only at 8321 (see line Retourn Frac - : T= 26.26 - R=

    As you can see on http://perso.wanadoo.fr/harrytrader/dji/131102/path.gif the TL (Top Level) was even foreseen long days before.