Wall street playing beat the low ball est's huge

Discussion in 'Trading' started by piggie2000, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. I almost shit when i looked at jpm est's for tommorrow. THE EST'S ARE FOR 4 SHITTY CENTS AND EST'S 90 DAYS AGO WERE 37 CENTS WHEN THE STOCK WAS $20. this type of low balling of est's is taking place with every company from intc on down and the public is chasing the scam like no tommorrow. this ends badly.
  2. Stop looking in the rear view mirror.
    No one cares about last quarter.
  3. its brilliant isnt it? and very effective.
  4. I'm not looking in the rear view mirror. jpm should trade at 8-10 times earnings so they need $3.60 in earnings to justify the $36 price and thats long way away
  5. I would not be surprised if they report a number higher than 3.60