Wall Street or Hedge Fund job idea's?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by VolatilitySmilz, Feb 12, 2004.

  1. Hi there,

    I would appreciate any ideas/sources to look for jobs in Wall Street/HedgeFunds.

    - Bachelors in Computer Engineering with minor in Econ, Cmpsci. with Cum Laude
    - Had great internships at big companies, got scholarship money, etc but full time job offer was withdrawn courtsey 911.
    - Graduated Last May, was unemployed till Decemeber

    Between June & Dec. last year, applied for jobs at Starbucks, Best Buy, Wall Mart, Temp. agencies, etc and got rejected everywhere. "Oh, we feel bad giving you a job since you are so qualified" and this bitch at CompUsa started laughing at my face "really, you cant get a job with a resume like yours".

    I'm enjoy derivatives as they are my hobby although made a bad option bet during my senior year in college and raked up debt of $8K (Credit card to my bank and bank to broker). Since I was a engineering major, I tght I would start with at least 50K but now I'm working for a company which hasn't paid me for almost 2 months now and I guess they can exploit me since I'm a foreigner. I dont want to go back to home country as I will be probably be killed (I'm a religious minority there).

    Also, does anyone knows a good book about Valuation of Companies for M&A purposes?

    Any ideas would be highy appreciated.

  2. It is not your resume that is the problem. It is your status. I have a few friends who are in the same position as yourself. It's tough, you gotta keep trying.
  3. Why not leave all the good stuff off your cv?