Wall Street not closed

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    NYSE Euronext:

    Sunday October 28 - Hurricane Sandy Update:

    * NYSE to Remain Open for Trading; Physical Floor Temporarily Closes

    * NYSE to Remain Open for Trading While Physical Trading Floor and New York Building Close in Accordance with Actions Taken By City and State Officials
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    CME Group

    Oct 28, 2012 13:12 CDT

    New York City has issued a mandatory evacuation of Zone A, which includes CME Group's NYMEX World Headquarters and New York trading floor.

    As a result, the New York trading floor will be closed on Monday, October 29. We will open all of our electronic markets at their regularly scheduled times on CME Globex and CME ClearPort, our online electronic platforms. We will continue to update cmegroup.com as additional information becomes available.
  3. Lies
    NYSE Euronext Will Close Markets on Monday, Possibly Tuesday; Nasdaq Also Shut (story developing)
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    Not lies, just the accurate information at the time.

    As a trader you would be well aware that things change based on new information.
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    close or not close..why guess?

    here is the page,just check the status


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    so overblown...
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  8. So now totally closed? not even electronic?

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    correct, totally closed.
  10. just read possibly Tuesday as well. So maybe we lose 2 trading days.:mad:
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