Wall street loves Obama and Obamacare!!

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  1. Proof is in the pudding. So it seems the Teabaggers are the minority. Wall street speaks and they equate Obamacare with future prosperity.

    How else do you explain this bull market since Bush has left the house?
  2. The market priced in Obama wining the election in the months preceding the November vote.
  3. Stocks up again, Day 2 post obamacare.
  4. Does this mean republicans have been rendered obsolete?
  5. Obsolete implies that they had meaning. Republicans have had no significance since Newt Gingrich.

  6. volume is still really light
  7. Republicans would have done much better if they got together and wrote their own package to show the public their ideas VS obamacare.

    Instead they had nothing competing to show Americans. And OBviously Republicans had no problems with spending 800+ Billion to blow up and rebuild Iraq, or to give 800 billion to banks via tarp.

    But to spend 928 billion to provide some kind of safetynet for healthcare. OHNO!! that is too much spending.

    Well at least with this obamacare, if you get dropped somehow by insurance you are not at the mercy of leaving your wife a insolvent widow with no money since everything had to get hocked up for cancer treatments.
  8. but the diff is our taxes were not raised to pay for iraq invasion, tarp etc etc
  9. And somehow this is good. Spend Spend spend, kick the can down to your grandchildren. Sounds selfish.

    If you want to blow up Iraq and rebuild it, then you better pony up from your pocket not putting it on your grandchildren.

    So you want to bail out your friends and hand them over a trillion dollars, than pony up the cash, dont screw over your grandchildren.

    The problem is Babyboomers are a selfish lot.

    If you want to spend, you need to raise taxes. Aint no free lunch. But at least with Obamacare, if shit happens you have something.

    Now if your ass got sick, insurance drops you, you are fucked and your wife and kids as well. I think I can afford to pay more taxes out of my income if it means at least I do not have to worry about risk of ruin because I got sick.
  10. Wow Markets sure do love Obama and healthcare.

    So where is the huge plummet?
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