Wall Street Journal on the "Obama Crash"

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  1. "Credit markets have started to thaw, yet stocks and the larger economy keep sliding. What's going on? Among the problems are the reality of recession and the uncertainty over Barack Obama's policies."

    Uncertainty? The farthest-left Senator in U.S. history, with a Democratic Congress? His idea is to resurrect the old Soviet Union - without the 1% of free market aspects that existed under Stalin. Too conservative.

    Go ahead, vote money out of your wallet.
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    Great points W-bear;
    but as crooked as that crooked Chicago politician is,
    bear is bigger , earlier trend than wanna be Pres.

    As much as i like Gov Sara;
    no gov can turn a bear, but can help or harm it [a little or lot]as you rightly wrote.

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    It might be a little early to start blaming Obama for all our economic woes, since he is still 9 days from being elected and 2 1/2 months from taking office. Most political analysts agree it's probably Clinton's fault, or if not, then Carter's for sure. Ya gotta blame somebody...
  4. I agree, I totally blame Tip O'Neill for this economic crisis.
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  7. Obama won't have anything to socialize after Dubya, Paulson and Bernanke are finished.
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    To save the ship the USA, from sinking, temporary socialism is just ok. A couple of percentage of higher taxes for 5% top rich, no more $25M annual salaries for CEOs and SVPs, little bit of transaction tax on stock exchanges, no more $500 screw drivers for the military and more chasing of the trillions of dollars parked outside without having paid any taxes to the Uncle Sam.

    These policies are one which a common average person can live with. However, if Obama comes around taking daily freedoms and similar fresh air then we are talking some serious coup in both Congress and Senate. :D
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