wall street journal--- a survey

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  1. do you read the wall street journal ?? just curious.


  2. Old news, cat.
  3. No.
  4. Pabst


    The editorial page rules.
  5. Religiously beforeI moved to the west coast -
  6. itrader1


    I read it every day along with Barrons on Saturday.

    The damn thing is so dry that you have to read something else along with it to expand the horizons. I do have to say, that they have enlarged their general coverage and added some non-financial or less dry material.

    But, even a technical analyst has to read it since it does give you a good idea of the general trend out there and you know the saying.
  7. the new section "personal journal" and the stalwart 'weekend journal' are classic and totally entertaining. other than these sections, i have little use for it.


  8. cartm


    Yes, has nothing to do with trading. (at least for me don't know about you stock guys) ......online version only
  9. Foz


    Mossberg's technology reviews are excellent (PDAs, digital camera's, laptops, etc.)

    The op ed page is the best in the world. Cofi Anan (secy. general of U.N.) wrote a piece yesterday. A couple weeks ago a letter supporting Bush signed by several eastern European leaders was big news.
  10. Tide31


    The newspapers are always going to have the news that you read yesterday. The reason that I read the WSJ everyday still is not to see what I read in real-time yesterday. The execution traders that have the big orders in GE, MSFT, INTC etc... do not watch RSI and MACD and DMI. They'll set what we see as the 'trend' with their VWAP, participate and percentage volume orders. The one thing that you can look at that might very well have helped them form their opinion for the day is the WSJ. It's worth the $1.00 !
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