Wall Street is pandora's box.

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    All the evil in the world lives and originates from wall street. here..greed,hate,war.theivery, gambling lieing .Goldman Sachs guys are agents of Satan.

    stay away from wall streets kids and if you have to come here come here with a loaded gun and prepare to kill or be killed or robbed.
  2. Margin call?
  3. They get punished right away, as most traders lose.
    Poetic justice.
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    i came to my conclusions after extensive research and emperical evidence. facts reality is stranger than fiction.


  5. research/evidence pretaining to trading strategy? or just overall Wall Street culture?

    If its trading, then I don't think you did enough research.

    If you are making an observation on the culture, then yes I agree with you on the greed, hate, war, thievery, gambling and lying part. Those characteristics define different personalities & not everyone has these traits on the street.

    GREED - The type of people always trying to be better than the " Jones' "

    HATE - People who see others making money off something that they can't wrap their head around. (is what you sound like now, actually is what a lot of ETers sound like)

    WAR - Some treat trading as a war, zero-sum game, your win is my loss.

    Thievery - People like Bill Gates, Mark Zukerberg, who take others ideas and run to the patent office. Ties into greed.

    Gambling - Some come in with a poker mentality, and some people come in with a completely scientific one.

    and Lying - Misinformation from analysts, news outlets, etc. Convincing the masses the other side of the trade is the "right side."

    Its the circle of lif... circular flow diagram.
  6. Illum


    Welcome to life. You think it was just that bum running three card monty? Ask yourself what it would be like if governments were doing it. Maybe there would be a new party to correct the wrongs but the same people were still running the show. Wall Street is no different than the street corner or some mechanic trying to f you. Lighten up buddy, welcome to planet earth. Place your bets.
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    in mean street you don't go to prison like madoff you get shot in the head of stealing money okay.

    as for hate: it's the another kind of hate not hate because you are rich..another kind of hatred. these people don't hate you they want to kill you.

  8. Wait but I make money because of Wallstreet, I thought all you guys make money from Wallstreet?

    That is biting the hand the feeds you by hating Wallstreet.
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    al capone: the biggest crooks i know operate in wall street.

    you got that.

    wall street is nothing but black hole for money.

    Consumers and households are not hoarding cash.

    95% of the wealth is concentrated in 5% of the population.

    now for taxes..the people with the most cash or money should be paying for the military and gov't beuacracy...poor people don't give a f#cka bout paying for the half trillion dollar war..or overpaid lazy gov't beurrecrats at the SEC watching porn on gov't time.

    The guys hoarding cash or the super rich like buffet,gates, soros and corporations..why the hell is apple holding 40 billion of cash and not investing or buy other companies if there is such good value.

    i do have a problme with the FED saying 'households' are hoarding cash. cause they need th cash. f@#cking moron!

    sell your f#cking old stocks and invest in NEW companies that is how economies work. wtf would anyone new investor want to invest in google,msft.cisco,mcdonalds, or any fortune 100 company--that is old money. old stock..for the market to go higher you need new companeis and new investments. half of teh companies on the nasdaq didn't even exist 20 years ago. and half went bankrupt since then. recycling cash. wall street is nothing but a money transfer exchange..

    no reason for growth companies to be holding any cash.

    another thing,,the big money isn't even in daytrading and swingtrading..it's peanuts the money in daytrading swing trading is peanuts.and is mostly musical chairs the money is so small big firms don't even bother participating.

    the bi money is in investing like private placements ipo and investment banking or. investment fraud in wall street.