Wall Street Is Now Buying College Students Like Stocks

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    modern day indentured servants?
  3. I’m all for Anything that makes them pay back loans that NOBODY FORCED THEM TO TAKE.
    Spend $150,000 on “Social Justice” major and can’t get a job, too bad.
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    Wall Street is not stupid, handing out free money.

    Probably like reverse mortgage, very expensive and only works for those with high potentials. Like selling options they should calculate their expectancy before entering an agreement. Unfortunately few are smart enough to do such.
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    Beats the return on most debt markets I would think. Government backs this junk don't they.
    Defaults can be sold to Vinny Knuckles who will take a crack at you then sell it again to the Russians to finally, the Republicans.
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    Agree. The military has been covering education in exchange for service for decades. Seems like a fair exchange.
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    Wow, gotta give it to wall street, pretty clever.
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    Hundreds of people worked on this project and majority of them are men. Why is she getting all the credit?

    Also, why does the society emphasize on the gender. Whereas for men, when they achieve something they don't talk about their gender.

    Her codes for the algorithm was not even used. The project was led by Shep Doeleman, not her.
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