Wall Street is firing when they should be hiring?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by crgarcia, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. They should be hiring boatloads of salesman to comb rural areas (about the only ones that are not heavily indebted); now that stocks are undervalued.
  2. By what measure? Sure, stocks have fallen 50%, but so have earnings. Current 12-month trailing P/E is still 18x. That's nowhere NEAR 'cheap'... and earnings are still falling.
  3. DIA P/E(ttm): 11.97

    SPY P/E(ttm): 12.36

    Be aware that under this mountain of printed money P/Es will tend to become high.
  4. Your analysis isn't exactly deep.

    But the best time to sell someone to buy stocks isn't when they're cheap it's when they're expensive. One reason of course is that you might have IPOs and so you need to get rid of stocks you received at a low price and sell at a high price, so you not only make a commission but a big capital gain, and another reason is that people want to feel "confident" of the market, there is 0 confidence now, they're all fleeing the market. They want easy money.
  5. Every single bank, brokerage and insurance company is hiring financial advisors right now.
  6. Financial advisers have a list of clients with them, and they're always hiring financial advisers.
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    Well this may be wrong;
    but maybe they simply do not believe'' the bottom '' is in:D ;
    or even believe its much of a probability - that bottom is in.

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  8. Wall Street should focus on advising their clients so they make money.
    Wall Street only focuses on generating commission fees.

    ALL companies that don't focus on their customers end up bankrupt, soon or late.