wall street insider trading scams

Discussion in 'Trading' started by smokey_mcPaat, Aug 16, 2002.

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    how about those firms that seem to get the drop on everyone else- how about how walmart was bought up $3 higher before the news was announced of the buyback?? if you are not on the inside, sport, you're on the outside........ but damn, when can i get some real dirt? i want to be the filthy bastard that trades on inside information, accumulates a huge position before the news in released and sells into the subsequent buying for a healthy profit-- its the american way!!!! yeah take that MWD and MER- you are on negative watch by S and P- shady shusksters.......
  2. No you don't. Regardless of the financial gain, it is wrong. That is no way to make money.
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    Maybe you should talk with "Anthony at Pacific" about his perspective on the subject. He made oodles of money doing what you aspire to... But he can't spend a dime of it now, sitting in jail...
  4. A few penny stock hypesters have done well. They get caught because they are too stupid to realize that internet posts can be traced.

    Plan it out; choose your stock.
    Invent a rumor.
    Post it everywhere under multiple user names - SI, raging bull, yahoo, all the penny stock boards.
    Use public computers that you do not routinely frequent - Internet cafes and libraries away from your home.
    (Use proxy servers anyway.)
    You might also buy some spam email lists and try that - sending out your hot tip!

    And if possible, have your overseas getaway ready! If you get caught, bail out and flee.

    Or you could just make money trading the legal way. But if you try the hyping, let us know how it turns out.
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    you have to kidding....:confused:
    or has imclone dirtbag hired you as part of the sympathy creation team?
    so let's not take xyz public because those pesky insider trading laws won't let me cheat investors i'm not related ..forget that i may have a viable product to market, perhaps 'a cure for cancer'?