wall street hype is deafening as nobody expects a corrrection

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by jnorty, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. jnorty


    wow the hype after hrs is just sick. i forsee some big downside to shock the system. everyone is so complacement
  2. 1) Be more specific about the timing of this "shock" that you speak of.
    2) The "opposite" of complacency isn't only a downside shock. There could be an upside shock too.
    3) You will have to wait until January 4th for anything "nasty". :cool:
  3. jnorty


    well thats the problem.everyone is waiting for jan 4th. the biggest shock is a steep fall into year end to catch all off guard.hard to see much of a upside shock when the mkts already exceeded the greatest run in history by 20%. what will the shock be? greece contagion spreading threwout europe and a massive squeeze in the $.
  4. I agree. Feels soft.

    The theme this year has been 'jumping the gun'.

    Santa Klaus rally may or may not be coming with any strength.

    Still, feels soft.
  5. the1


    Ok, I just gotta let you know it's "throughout" not threwout. Threw out is what happens when you get drunk at the bar and you end up on your ass on the sidewalk for grabbing someone's triple D's. :D