Wall street got drunk

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    "Wall street got drunk, and now its got a hangover. Now the tax payer is expected to pay for the broken chairs and the clear up, but none of them were invited to the party "

    luv eet
  2. The key is....who gave them the FREE BOOZE!!!


    Our current financial crisis WAS PLANNED.....these are NOT random events from dumb money management.

    ***WHO BLESSED all the current risk management models?

    ***WHO promoted over leveraging?

    ***WHO from our current government said everything was JUST FINE only months prior to the blowout financial grid takeover?
  3. I agree they got drunk, but I disagree on the hangover. Their proposed 'bailout' indicates to me they are still drunk!
  4. OK guys... start ragging on him.

    Y'all rag on me when I say stuff like that.
  5. I believe that House of Represenative Majority Leader from 1995-2003, Republican Dick Armey was a "bartender" at this Party.
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    - Am interesting view, I know of some huge Hedgies here in London that Shorted US CDO's and kept on selling, and very probably fiercely sold Fin stocks knowing they were massively exposed. :eek:
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    you were too far ahead, fall in line, man.
  8. They're not finished yet pissing out the used champagne on everybody else. :p
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  10. Good one..... :D
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