Wall Street facing a "crisis of confidence"

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    Last week, the U.S. stock market suffered its worst financial crisis in 2008, "black" week, one week the Dow Jones index fell over 6%. Constitute the ten S & P index fell kick plate, the financial sector hit a new low of more than two years. In addition, commodities fall, precious metals slumped, oil prices fell, the VIX measure of market fear index over 43, ten-year U.S. Treasury yields close to 1.7 percent, the U.S. dollar against the euro in nearly 8 months since a new high ... ...
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    pessimism is always greatest right when it's time to buy...
  3. That's not pessimism.

    Pessimism is people pulling their 401ks en masse and forcing their pension fund managers to get out of equities altogether.

    That would be pessimism.

    This here is still just "mild unhappiness".
  4. I'd like an answer on that fishing line in the silver market. How did that occur?
  5. Remember that game, rock, paper, scissors? What happened to fire on that paper? I suggest taking photographs of those certificates. Serial numbers with house interior and yourself of course. Wouldn't want to lose them in a fire or nothing. Protect yourself.
  6. I'm hoping that might go flatline. Always speculation. Dividend stocks are the way to go.
  7. ZIRP virtually guarantees a steady stream of "hardship withdrawals" as they like to phrase it. The whole period of record equity inflows that fueled the series of bubbles over the past 20+ years are over with. More money is going out that will never find it's way back in. That whole phrase that the shills love to use "well where will they invest it in" is over with; people are going to be living off of it, just trying to keep their heads above water.
  8. if a poster is an idiot, I'm not going to name names here and cause trouble, but let's say the name is a number... would it not be a good idea to 1) not quote them to protect the hearts and minds of the rest of us 2) put them on ignore

    I'm just sayin'...