Wall Street Executives Scored $3 Billion as Banks Rose and Fell

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  1. Americans scored closed to 1.8 Trillion.
  2. Wow 1.8 Trillion.

    Divided by how many Americans?

    And $3 Billion divided by how many Wall St execs?

  3. I assume you are:

    a) Paulson
    b) Bernanke
    c) Bush
    d) Ex-Banking CEO
    e) A random dumbass
  4. Humpy


    In the UK we used to have laws that required top executives to exercise their responsibilities with due care and attention. I think I'm right that it was called a fiduciary relationship with their clients and companies.
    In this NEW climate of super greed all that seems not to exist in the USA and hardly remembered here. How very convenient. Before the WW2 such people went to jail and were stripped of their assets and rightly too imho

    The super greedy people have nearly ruined the global financial system. No doubt they are busy covering their tracks, putting the blame elsewhere etc. and probably having a good laugh too

    Anyone for another martini ?
  5. Chood


    Congressional researchers (Democrats, I mean) are examining exactly the math problems you pose, in preparation for progressive taxation proposals which will follow inevitably on this exposure of and damage from the right wing/conservative scam. That's why many Congressional Republicans have circled the troops -- desperate, knowing the end is nigh, not much different from Custer shooting his mounts to provide cover from the arrows of Sitting Bull. Their only hope is running from the Administration, like the rest of America. Problem is that won't solve anything, and the usual other props are no longer good. Toadying for the wealth elite won't work because the Toad Masters caused the problem. Estate tax relief for Paris Hilton just ain't a powerful story line anymore. Worse, the Culture cha chingsters can't bail em out because who cares what Hannity, Coulter, and Ralph Reed say about gay marriage when homes and 401ks are crumbling.

    It's a real jam for the practitioners. If they escape, I for one will be awed.
  6. Humpy


    If I was one of the multi-millionaires that had ripped off the shareholders and companies that they worked for, then I would have most of my loot safely tucked away in off-shore accounts.
    Good old Swiss banks etc. trusty friends of the mafia, dictators and other baddies.
  7. euclid


    Wall St execs: Guilty
    Main St borrowers beyond their means: Guilty
    Democrats: Guilty
    Republicans: Guilty
    Fed: Guilty

    Who will pay? The rest of us. :mad:
  8. poyayan


    Remember we selected those officials. So, we are guilty too.
    #10     Sep 26, 2008