Wall Street closed

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  1. The bright side of this thread is no one has blamed Bush.
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  2. This is a good time for Obama to shut down the internet, you know, a trial run. Blame it on the rain.
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  3. Mav is correct. Whether the exchange is functioning or not is essentially moot as the sell side is not going to make markets from LI. The buy side won't be trading from Greenwich either. All I know is lower vola. wheeeeeee.
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  4. The market should go straight down. That's my story and I'm sticking to it....:cool:
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    Bloomberg is going to be shutting off water and heat to parts of NY and it's going to be 45 degrees with 10 feet of water coming in. Sounds like fun!!!!!
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  6. Mavrick with all the hype you have, you should go start a bucket shop or become a weather reporter.
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  7. He cant do that. This is not Iran where infrastructure is government controlled.
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  10. I'm 15 minutes from greenwich. There will be no one in the tri state area going to the office on monday and most likely tuesday. All transit is closed and most coastal towns have mandatory evac.
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