Wall Street Bonuses Bred ‘Spoiled & Ungrateful Schmucks,’ Peterson Writes

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  1. For some1 that founded a private equity firm, that took over businesses, fire off 1/2 of the employees, and loaded the business up with debt, then use the firm's cash flow to pay off the said debt over a decade or two, and therefore become a billionaire in the process. And he is calling other ppl "ungrateful"? Excuse me while i pick my jaw up from floor for the deep irony here.
  2. But he was grateful throughout you see.......

  3. As versus his own grandson?


    PC is Peter Carey Peterson, grandson.

    Same thing goes for Tim Geithner's $1.63M house.


    What I don't get is, these guys all benefited from the compensation structure on Wall Street. And yet they are all turning self-righteous about "Wall Street Follies". It is exactly the same as Jim Cramer prancing on TV, like he is "for the little guy", when himself is one of the beneficiaries of Wall Street's incestuous environment.

    This is somewhat like GM and Chrysler keep saying, "Oh yeah, we *KNOW* how to fix the automobile industry!". Is there a bigger farce in the world?

    So to summon it up. Dear Mr. Peterson: F*ck you, Old Man.
  4. I don't understand why he would even go there unless these traits are a mirror and he may detect unpleasant qualities of own, is more likely the case.