Wall Street banks helped foreigners evade taxes

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  1. No mention of illegality in the article, sounds like a fair-game loophole. Blame should be placed on the IRS and Congress in these cases, not for banks who are simply exploiting a legal loophole.
  2. I told these boards the next big push would be money laundering. All western countries on this. It's part of the UBS/Lichtenstien/Switzerland connection.

    I was surprised at all the other names, but that was stupid of me. Like, one of these guys makes money, and the others don't pile in the door.

    Next, Caymans. Interpol has the list I understand. They'll share it. Eventially, one will pop with the who's who of finance. They not only like to steal your money, they don't want to pay taxes, either. Lehman bailout. Too funny.

    Anybody catching on about all the things I've been pointing to? And thanks for all the emails last nite to the idiots in Washington. We all do what we can. 100 billion a year. Hell, that's another stimulus package right there.
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    You know which company is doing that same thing right now?OneChicago, SSF helps you avoid witholding tax on dividends, guess what its all legal.

    as I understand the investment banks are selling total return swaps on a specific stock then they buy that stock to hedge themselves, they price the swap in a way that delivers a capital gain to the non-US fund for each dividend they are entitled. this is all legal