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    Hello guys,

    I am a French artist making art inspired from the financial stock markets.

    I made a Gordon Gekko oil painting portrait which is available for sale and a limited series (signed and numbered) print of Moeny Art dollar bills.

    Just have a look at http://www.cedricmnich.com and feel free to leave comments !

  2. I see little resemblance between your art and the financial markets.
  3. Elven Princess is nice but holds no relation to Wall St.

    May I suggest inspirational works with themes of early retirement, success and wisdom.
  4. any available portraits of T.Syke , BnB or Coizy [must be in oil] ?
    I’ll take them all
  5. Sequoia


    Hello guys,

    Well some art is not related to Financial markets. Some is. There is both Fantasy art and Financial Market related art.

    About portraits, I can paint private commissions for sure. Tim Sykes or any other. Is BNB that young guy, Jay something who seems totally disconnected ? Don't know the other one.

    Just let me know through private mail.
  6. Why does Gordon have your eyes?
  7. Sequoia


    my eyes ?
    he does not have my eyes
  8. OP , I was j/k...nice work on Gekko
  9. What I meant was to paint images combining elements of success in the markets. Flags, money, freedom, recreation, trading screens, smiles, travel. Could you paint something like this, not abstract but not a portrait either? How about combining other art in the background with some torso in the front?
  10. Sequoia


    Ah I was expecting it was a joke. Why not some Tim Sykes painting though.

    GermanTrader, I don't know, why not. Almost everything can be done in art :)
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