Wall Street Aristocracy Got $1.2 Trillion From Fed

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    When media buddies turn on you.. its basically game over.
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    J Ski

    Looks like it was hard for Bloomberg to get the figures.
  4. Isn't that called "Wallfare"?.... :D :D
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    Anyone knows the interest rate of those loans ? I thought they were very low but a friend recently mentionned over 5% , hence the banks repaid the loans swiftly ?!?
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    J Ski

    They never loaned the money out to stimulate a recovery,
    they invested the money, paid themselves off in bonuses, and gave the money back.
  7. I recall the loans being 0.1% and the banks loaned the money back to our govt at 2%. TALP was even a sourer deal for tax payers assigning upside down assets to the treasury and allowing profitable assets to be kept by the bailee.
  8. But on the plus-side, the Ferrari's are really nice! :D
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  10. I particularly like Matt Taibbi's take and reporting of some of these issues:


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