Wall Street 2 trailer is out!

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  1. Yes, I so want to see this, how about you?

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  2. i don't know.. :confused: i don't want to be disappointed :confused:
  3. I know how you feel. The only thing I'm disturbed about was a small line in the Youtube info that says Gordon is trying to "redefine" himself. I wonder what they mean by that?
  4. Odds are it will be a disappointment but I still want to see it anyway. Gekko getting back the 80s brick phone was a nice touch though.
  5. This film is about his redemption. He becomes the good guy to get his daughter back (son committed suicide). His battle is against a modern corrupt wall street, and the bad guys are the new breed of hedge fund villains. It also takes place before the 08 crash, which he warns of in the film.

    Michael Douglas, Oliver Stone, Wall Street... What's not to like. Hopefully, none of them lost their touch. Saw Douglas in a recent courtroom film, Unbelievable doubt; he's as good as ever.
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    thanks for telling me what happens. no point seeing it now is there?

  7. Sorry, that's the simple logline attached to the movie. Don't think you could avoid knowing it, as the commercials will emphasize those points.

    Most definitely worth seeing!
  8. You mean the same way Michael Milken is a "philanthropist" now? What a joke.
  9. Come on guys, how many movies are made about trading/the mkts?? Not many....so of course we will all see it. :)

    Who knows if it will be any good, probably won't be but I'll still pay 12 bucks for a ticket.
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    lol. no worries. id probably forget by the time i get round to seeing it anyway!
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