Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps movie coming out???

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  1. Reuters is reporting that a sequel to the famed 1987 movie with Gordon Gekko.
    <i>LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – With all eyes on the world's see-sawing stock markets, Fox is bullish on a sequel to "Wall Street."
    The new film is titled "Money Never Sleeps." Michael Douglas, who won an Oscar for his role in the 1987 original as corporate raider Gordon Gekko, is interested in reprising the character, but will see how Allan Loeb's script turns out before committing. The storyline is being kept under wraps.
    Ed Pressman, who produced the original, is producing the sequel. Loeb wrote the Halle Berry movie "Things We Lost in the Fire."</i>

    link: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20081014/film_nm/us_wallstreet;_ylt=A9G_R3YkoPVIHG0BRxcwFxkF
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    Great they are going to ruin it. I bet it's about as good as American Psycho 2. You can't have a sequel to a movie like that.
  3. Heard they're making a sequel to this blockbuster---


    Can't wait. Probably have to camp out to get tickets, but it's going to be sooooo worth it.

  4. Its gonna be great seeing bud fox get out of prison and smack gordo around a bit.

    cant wait!

  5. From the rumors that I've read, Bud Fox isn't in it.

    Gekko gets out of prison and opens a hedge fund (although that script was written last year before the market/hedge fund beating).
  6. Title adjustment:

    "Wall Street 2: Overnight Holders Never Sleep Well."
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    This is what I read as well about 1 year ago when the news of sequel started to surface.