Wall St. Poker Game.. anyone?

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  1. I'm thinking of hosting some poker in my office. Maybe a small single-table tourney, or some small cash games? Who would be interested?

    My office is at 50 Broad St. I could make this a weekly thing if there is enough interest.

    Nice table, nice chips, nice people.. and maybe even some food!

    Keep in mind there will be no RAKE or fee to play. I am doing this out of the goodness of my heart and love of poker :D

    ---------- Before you worry, please read this ----------

    225.00 Sub-section 3

    A "Player" means a person who engages in any form of gambling solely as a contestant or bettor, without receiving or becoming entitled to receive any profit therefrom other than personal gambling winnings, and without otherwise rendering any material assistance to the establishment, conduct or operation of the particular gambling activity. A person who gambles at a social game of chance on equal terms with the other participants therein does not otherwise render material assistance
    to the establishment, conduct or operation thereof by performing,
    without fee or remuneration, acts directed toward the arrangement or facilitation of the game, such as inviting persons to play, permitting the use of premises therefor and supplying cards or other equipment used therein.

    In other words, a player can play, invest whatever money they invested, profit only from the money invested, can't supply materials such as cards etc, can't invite other players and cant get paid or profit in any other way than from the money they put in (in other words, you cant pay him/her for bringing players, or give him extra money for winning a tourney) except for the $ that was invested by all participating players.

    225.00 Sub-section 5

    The "Host" can NOT "Profit from gambling activity." A person "profits from gambling activity" when, other than as a player, he accepts or receives money or other property pursuant to an agreement or understanding with any person whereby he participates or is to participate in the proceeds of gambling activity.

    In other words, you can not RAKE or charge to play and you are fine as well. Money on the table is fine, chips on the table is fine, etc.

    NO PROFITS other than player participation within the game.
  2. The business about "host" is kind of a bummer. Can't have food and beverages unless provided at the host's cost without reimbursement... + host has to provide cards, chips, playing table and area.
  3. Mschlau


    I also love poker. I'm down.
  4. That's fine. I am the host. I can provide chips/cards/space.

    Bring your own sandwich/pizza and beverage and we're fine then.

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    is this poker setup still active?
    i'm interested. located in ny as well.
  6. I'm actually moving offices from Broad St to Pearl St. I will definitely want to host a game as soon as I am in the new space!

    Anyone else interested??
  7. How about an upper middle/ high stakes game in the Chicago area? Who's in?

  8. Sheesh, with all the rules you're laying down I think talking to my dog is more fucking fun. Loosen up and take that sitck outa your ass it'll be allright.
  9. Loosen up and realize that was just a cut & paste!
  10. roger that--have a great weekend --BTW-you on the north/northwest side?
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