Wall St. or Trader style Tattoos

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  1. Anyone here have a Wall St. Or related tattoo? The Wall St. Bull, etc.?

    Anybody have any cool ideas for one?
  2. tattoos scream redneck.
  3. True. But not always. Depends how they are done.
  4. I am not sure if getting a tattoo is such a good idea, especially if it is related to trading. Why not just get yourself a MMA t-shirt if you just like those tattoo-like designs?

    Better yet, spend the money on a nice dress shirt with cufflinks!
  5. Im not getting one. Just asking if anyone has one, or seen one, ....
  6. I have seen a pork belly on someone, but that's not a tattoo. :p
  7. LOL:D
  8. TraDaToR


    In the public toilets in the winter, people can only read "CH" and "E" on my dick.
    "You too your girl is named CHLOE?"
    "Nope, it's written CHICAGO MERCANTILE EXCHANGE"
  9. Thats alot of shrinkage! You should've stayed off the steriods. :p
  10. nursebee


    1. I met a tat artist a few months ago, he said most of his business came in near the first of the month.

    2. I also have a tattoo on my penis, it is that of a 100 dollar bill.
    -I like keeping my hand on my money
    -I like watching my money grow
    -next time my wife feels like blowing a 100 bucks she does not even have to leave the house
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