Wall St. 2 "Money never sleeps" trailer

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  2. The guy at 1:02 looks exactly like James Simons, maybe it's supposed to be him. Too bad Shia is in this one :(
  3. btw, Michael Douglas.. top notch actor. Simply one of the best.
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    When is this supposed to come out? I've heard of it for a while now, but still not out...
  5. Maybe a mod should merge this and the earlier chit chat thread (doesn't really matter where), since they are redundant and both show enthusiasm.

    I've already expressed I can't wait to see it.
  6. That guy in the bow tie looks like the Rentech guy.
  7. They couldn't get a hotter girl?? Blah
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    I also did not like Shia to be in such film, but let's wait and see it first. April is right around the corner.
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  10. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1027718/plotsummary

    This is the short signal. :p It doesn't sound like a "Wall Street 2" movie at all. It' a classic whodoneit, and WS will serve only as a backdrop. There will be no trading, no financial action scenes. Gekko growing a conscience and trying to redeem himself by doing good on WS and reconnecting with his daughter? Barf #1. The new kid (LaBeouf: Barf #2) is not about getting insanely rich but to avenge his mentor? Barf #3. The girl? #4. The movie will show how evil WS characters are, and how unnecessary it all is to the economy. #5 It will serve as a perfect backdrop for creating a "much smaller Wall Street". (I'm starting to lose the barf-count.) This will be a failure. Just as Obama. Money is much more powerful than a US president. Much more. (Now this would be a cool movie to make.)

    GORDON GEKKO: Stock's in a free fall. My guess is that it just lost its Bar Mitzvah...

    Jacob quickly takes out his blackberry, turns it on and checks to see if Gordon's right... KZI... $12.54.

    GORDON GEKKO: By the end of the day it might not even be potty trained.

    In WS1 Gekko actually needed to look at a computer screen to see that Bluestar is dropping like a stone. (Pun intended.) Now it seems he won't even need screens any more? He developed telepathy? LOL. (Barf-count is off the charts.)

    If this turns out anything like what is in the press releases, it will be the biggest movie letdown of the year.

    All in all, can't wait to see this. :D (Hope dies last.)
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