walking spread with IOC orders

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by mr19, Nov 23, 2007.

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    If buying a listed name w/ a spread wider than a few pennies, what are the chances you get filled inside the offer if you walk the spread with IOC orders directed to NYSE?

  2. The chances to get the price improvement are very slim, the specialist participation rate is extremely low these days :(
  3. Pretty much nil.

    But if you have the infrastructure to manage Limit Orders...
    And let them sit there... and bump them up or down...
    Then you will be trading close to where the market maker is trading.
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    That is where I'm at. I sit on the bid on one of the ECNs looking to provide, occasionally a name will run a bit on me and I'll constantly be replacing my limit order on the new bid (eventually I get a little more aggressive and will step into the spread or across).

    Just looking for a way to get a fill without moving the bid when a name starts running a bit (usually not a good fill when I replace my order 9x).
  5. Look into pegged ECN orders.

    Also consider using the RELative order type provided by IB.
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    Thanks for the reply. I'm not using IB and my broker doesn't support these order types. As of now I do my own pegged ECN orders staying on the NBBO at one of the ECNs (ARCA, INET or BATS).
  7. You may also look at NYSE Action Market/Limit orders. You can use FIX to send orders if your software doesn't support those order types.
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    Thanks I'll take a look. I'm already talking FIX to the broker and they seem to support the basics that are common to all the destinations. As of today I started using the IOC orders when the bid/ask starts running away from me. Surprisingly a few of the fills were at a price better than the last limit order I canceled.