Walk like an Egyptian: Saudi Arabia and China revolutions just around the corner

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  1. IMO they are about to happen.

    By the way
    80's Bangles hit Walk like an Egyptian should be the motto of these revolutions!
  2. Saudi Arabia is a US ally, but the probability of that reversing, starting right now, is higher than a revolution in SA (and if you can't understand the implications of that on the US economy, that is your problem)

    and the probability of EU collapsing within a few years is at least 10 times higher than the probability of any revolution in SA or China

    the probability of the collapse of all major EU countries within 20 years is 100%

    tell me how is Germany going to deal with this crisis, 10 - 20 years down the road?



    source: census.gov
  3. look at EU, they're old fag hags, ready to be raped by the Africans they raped a few decades ago

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    You 2 first graphs don't work. Shame on you. Secondly you have to understand that age isn't a weakness. Or it depends on the path choosen... tolerance and respect or violence and malice ?
  6. Germany Population Pyramid 2010

  7. Germany Population Pyramid 2030


    oh really? you must be smart ... trying to inject this false belief into your own mind that you being 80 years old means something more than just being a walking dead ready to put to grave, something more than a fool so desperately trying to hang on to his worthless life, thus voting for jerks who will tax & use the young to keep his pathetic & useless ass alive
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  9. Everyone in Africa is young because they get murdered, raped and/or die of starvation and AIDS.

    Everyone in Western society is older because great healthcare, peace, ample food, and education keeps the life expectancy higher.

    The countires in the middle seem to be the emerging, developing ones.
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