Wal Mart--Time to go long??

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by marketsurfer, May 21, 2009.

  1. Do most of you hold WMT (or other stocks for that matter) long term? Or more short term?

    I hold my positions for a few days to a week at most. Trying to day trade it. I think Walmart is awesome, it's just stayed in that range for a while, even when everyone else was heading south.

    To be honest I don't really care where it goes as I'm using an EA to trade it, after I saw a chart of a back-test. Still testing it as I was a little skeptical, but the account is up 20% since the 17th. So I'm happy to say the least.

    Anyone trade anything else that moves in a range?
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  2. like i said before. buy costco (cost) or target tgt.

    wmt chart looks like sh-t.
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  3. Are you buying and holding for long term though, or short term?

    And why does it look like crap? It's steady, and like i said, I don't really care where it goes. Just let the EA run it...
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  4. Because you can make money by trading their stock. For that matter, what could you trade without positively (or negatively) affecting someone else? If I'm making money, I don't care if I'm helping someone else make money in the process.
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