Wal-Mart Rations Rice, this is out of control...

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  1. I think I'll go LONG on rice. There is just no telling how high this can go with the amount of rice people intake in China, Japan and India. This maybe the wildest bull ride yet...

    me & my Truck headed to the nearest Sam's club... but, alas I would only be able to get 80Ibs today.. I think I'll just dollar cost average into a long position without tipping off my hand to anyone. This means I might have to use my friends etc to source more from other discount clubs and neighboring counties.

    This may very well be my best trade ever..

    all the joking aside: I'm already long on rice even without realizing it.. I'm just trying to unload some positions and trying to get some liquidity at the top.
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  2. TGregg


    Short weddings and go long bird seed as one-off plays. With the high cost of rice, nobody wants to throw a wedding. If they do, they'll toss bird seed at the newlyweds.

    You'll clean up. :D
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  3. Another LONG rice play would be agricultural land that is suitable for rice cultivation.

    Why do we do not grow rice in America?? I'm just baffled. Or buy wheat farms and replace them with rice plantings for a turnaround play.
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    According to estimates for the 2006 crop year, rice production in the U.S. is valued at $1.88 billion, approximately half of which is expected to be exported. The U.S. provides about 12% of world rice trade. The majority of domestic utilization of U.S. rice is direct food use (58%), while 16 percent is used in processed foods and beer respectively. The remaining 10 percent is found in pet food.

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  5. What does this amount to.. like 10 acres worth of r$ce production ??
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    Just like Marie Antoinette said...
    "let them eat rice" Jeesh, I miss her.
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  7. The rumor is Chinese will start to use rice to produce cooking wine and the world will run of rice soooon
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