Wal-Mart Rations Rice, this is out of control...

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  1. I laugh at the fools buying gold and silver when Rice is the commodity to stockpile for future barter.
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  2. I do - its called "my gut" :D
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  3. Go to the ethnic (eg, Indian) stores. Man selling 40 pound bag of imported rice for $27. And there was NO shortage... Rice up the walls...
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  5. There's no food shortage as long as McD's sells double cheeseburgers with real meat product and real cheese product for ONE DOLLAR.

    That's right ONE DOLLAR.


    And it's DOUBLE.

    Beat that.
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  6. You can thank american hedge funds using insane leverage for this. Pretty much every commodity has more contracts outstanding than there is allowable physical deliverables.

    Interestingly enough, the US congress deems it necessary to increase farm subsidies so people don't grow crops. Add in the retarded ethanol subsidies , burning food to drive your 10 mpg SUVs. The greed factor in US financial markets is out of control.
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  7. Feyd


    Sounds like it's really getting bad out there... you can only buy EIGHTY POUNDS of rice per trip to Sam's Club now.

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  8. No kidding....I don't even know what to do with a 20lb bag of rice.
    Helps traction in the snow.

    Some of these households have 20 or 30 people living in them at 80lbs per trip I guess it adds up
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  9. Yuguru


    Just hope when the idiots buying all this rice,realize this is a big hoax that they will donate to the poor. This hoax is brought to by the broken commodity markets. Contract(postion) limits and margin requirments must be changed to slow this specualtion.
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  10. Just get the brown rice. Plenty of that.

    Takes 45 minutes to cook the stuff, but it's better for you!:p
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