Wake Up People!

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    It's like everything everywhere is going crazy, so we don't go out any more. We sit in the house, and slowly the world we're living in is getting smaller, and all we say is, "Please, at least leave us alone on the Internet. Let me have my college degree and my ideology and my bank's cheap credit, and I won't say anything. Just leave us alone."

    Well, I'm not going to leave you alone.

    I want you to get mad!

    I don't want you to protest. I don't want you to riot. I don't want you to write to your Congressman, because I wouldn't know what to tell you to write. I don't know what to do about the depression and the inflation and the Fed and the unemployment.

    All I know is that first, you've got to get mad.

    You've gotta say, "I'm a human being, goddammit! My life has value!"

    So, I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the door, open it, and stick your head out and yell,

    (Chorus) "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!!"

    It's amazing even after outdated reference due to the progression of time the message is still relevant and maybe even more so today then it was back in the mid 70's and the speech on the global financial system, with references to its time, the speech is prophecy.

  2. I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!! Yeah, man, yeah!!!

    What am I mad about again? I am so mad I forget the reason...
  3. Please do yourself and the rest of us on this site a favor, stop posting garbage on here and delete your acct. We appreciate it.
  4. the1


    I was thinking more along the lines of a 12 guage under the chin -- something to blow the melon right off its stump.

  5. Hillary Clinton used that line in many of her campaign speeches.

    Good riddance to her!
  6. sumfuka


    You're suppose to say, "I'm a algorithm, damn it! I'm suppose to be profitable!" :p
  7. jprad


    Okay, so you got the basic premise; your life has value.

    Now for the hard part -- no one is ever going to value your life more than theirs.
  8. The world is turing to sh*t because people don't give a damn. Your analysis of the situation is actually an acknowledgement of the problem itself. Most people are not interested in anything even their own benefit.

    You won't get any sympathy for your ideas here. Most people have tried it before to no avail. You will find you are not listened to by politicians or any kind of body. They are just in it for the money and position.
  9. It's my money and I want it now!

    oh wait...

    I'm mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore!


    P.s. I feel better...but its fleeting..