Wake Up Early And Short Aapl As It Will Fall Below 75!!!

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  2. NEVERMIND 79.05......THOUGHT AH WAS CLOSED BY LIKE 6.00 EASTERN TIME......guess they find away to extend the action when money is on the line.
  3. i swear the damn thing must have been trading right up to 8:15 eastern time on INET or something as my fidelity direct trading doesn`t show the adjusted spanking it got ah, but ib shows the 79.05, and i was on yahoo finance and it was still showing moving bid /asks after 8 p.m. eastern time.

    for some reason ib (i think) uses the inet prices pre-market for their default, even though arca bid/asks are sometimes available and more prescient/relevant pre-market.
  4. Its only 367k in afterhours versus 24.8 million in average volume.
  5. Artie21


    Options issue is a Red Herring.....At best, the execs will have to disgorge illicit profits.

    Unless Jobs' transgression are so severe as to cause his ouster. I doubt it.
  6. and 69million volume today to boot!

    i'm long, so i'm hoping it opens tommorow where it left off at market close. I remember months back attempting to trade the options scandal with enthusiasm (short, etc) and getting nowhere quickly. just for that, and the fact that these news releases' info is really nothing of a surprise (we all know Jobs backdated options and relinquished them. and we've known all along this may have negative implications for him personally)

    so with that in mind, will tommorow be a repeat of today? I think until the official revised earnings release on thurs or fri, we won't have any definitive and resolute stock movement in any direction from where it is now.
  7. You're an idiot. If you don't believe it, look through ALL your previous threads. You must be an economist...always right about what happened YESTERDAY and never right about tomorrow. Instead of blessing us with your bullshit, go make some money.
  8. Maybe this is a tad naive, but, how does one trade after-after-hours?

    :confused: :confused:
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    The problem here that Apple without Jobs is not Apple
    And todays action might force him to resign very soon.
    It might be even criminal charges against him.
    Several articles on the web estimate damage from his departure around 20% for PPS
    And considering current developments 10% of those 20 can be taken tommorow.

    I'm definetely going to short tomorrow morning
  10. god luck, u need it. jobs aint gonna anywhere.
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