Wake me up in November

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jrs3, Apr 30, 2004.

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    This market bores me.
  2. Not enough downside action for ya?
    15 handle range in the ES not good enough for ya?

    I'm sorry, but the Trin closing at 9.28 is not reflective of "boredom". If you think this market is boring, you ought to find another job. Summer is right around the corner, and most summer markets turn into the "dull-drums".

  3. jrs3


    I myself don't short.
  4. My Bad.

    1.74 closing, and 1.156 ten day average!
  5. LOL :p :D :confused: :eek:
  6. Casey30


    Exactly what I was thinking
  7. if this is boring then i don't know what kind of actions you are looking for! the last few days, there has been PLENTY of action! plenty of things to trade. both LONG and SHORT.

    oh well, you are missing out on all the opportunities...
  8. Well, May through October typically are the worst 6 months of the year (See Stock Trader's Almanac) so you may be on to something...
  9. Not during Election Years!

    You might want to research your last comment, Caplan.
  10. ===============================
    Election years do tend to be bullish;
    we'll help in your research mr Caplan.:cool:

    Page 5 . Almanac Investor Newsletter by J A Hirsch [April 2004]
    '' It is an'election year, more than likely it will signal a prime buy point on the horizon''

    Maybe the least likely scenario, but darkhorse mentioned a barakuda /guppy pattern.

    Thought also of Daryl -Guppy plan;
    ''dont confuse a high probability with infallibility''
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