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  1. "You must learn to wait properly..." ~Eugene Herrigel; Zen in the Art of Archery~

    The word "properly" does not imply the kind of waiting in which ones focus is entirely on some point in the future and the present moment is felt as nothing more than an obstacle in the way of getting what you want. It is more along the lines of -- Something may happen at any moment and if I am not absolutely awake, absolutely still -- I will miss it. It is a state in which all of your attention is in the now. No thought, no rememberance, no anticipation, just now. No resistance, no conflict, no fear, just alert presence and a total immersion into the moment.

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    Chinese call it. Active Stillness like the crane waiting for the tide to come in...
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  4. The ability to wait is in itself an edge. In fact, it's <i>the</i> edge which all other edges are derived from.