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  1. Short SPX
    Short NASDAQ
    Short Nikkei
    Short SPI
    Short Copper
    Short Nickel
    Short CAC
    Short US/GBP

    Long Oil

    My god i hope it crashes liek a "BITCH!!!!!" or else i will be saying goodbye to my shirt.
  2. Your nickel short is dangerous.

    I agree nickel will ultimately crash, but not within the next 2 or 3 months, where inventories are literally at 3 day levels.

    There is a genuine - not broker hyped - shortage of nickel.
  3. yes but with the huge falls in commodity prices across the board The long term correlations between the base metals are being violated.

    Essentially im expecting those correlations to return their long term levels once the big suppliers begin to ramp up producation

    oh adn i msut add again: Long term correlations between base metal prices and aussie index are being violated due to the fall recently. Hence short SPI
  4. You should take the title of this thread literally and wait. There will plenty of time to short after the market turns.
  5. yes but the problem with this is that my system predicts that the movemetns when they occur will start and end very violent and very quickly, i dont believe that itll be a 3 or 4 day affair, itll be more like a 1 day romp down the charts.

    With the current edginess in the world markets its only gonna take one bad thing to send it down. if oct SPX begins to drop 3-4% in a day then 90% of the guys on ET and a good number of institutions and HF ppl will jump on the bandwagon and damn well bid it down until its limit. if SPX limits the rest of teh world is damn well gonna limit.

    lol and besides i live in aus, i want to sleep during US markets. U dont understand the joy of waking up, turning on the TV and seeing the US Market has gone exactly as planned and that AUS is soon gonna follow.

    But its overall not that risky. i have 20% of my capital committed to these trades and 10% of them are hedged with options, so if it goes belly up the ddown wont be that bad. i got killed in NASDAQ and made a decent killing in asian financial. 1-1 looking to set the record to 2-1 :D

  6. no offesne, but I think you are full of it. Additionally, I believe you will get the snot squeezed out of you and your positions.

    edit: where did you short the spx? i probably bought from you.

    good luck.

  7. lol typical of u day traders, never look at teh big picture. no worries talk to me by the end of this qrtr and ull be OWNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. heh. we will break 1400 this year on the spooz.

    0wnership will be ours!@!@[mine] !!!!!1!!!1!!

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    why don't you just short fewer contracts and use a stop?

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    Big Pockets.:D
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