Wait. Trading is hard?

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  1. Hey guys so I've been trading for about 1.5 years now and I was able to go from losing about $1,500/month to break even in 9 months. For the last 6 months or so I've sized up from 100 to about 300 shares (I was losing bigger money trading futures) and it feels like everyday is the same damn thing. I either make $20 or lose $20...I feel like I'm doing nothing.

    Is this a sizing issue? Do I need to size up? I used to have this fire in me even when I was losing. It's slowly turning into eh who cares?

    I'd greatly appreciate any advice.

    Thank you
  2. It's not very hard but having a winning system is.

    Until you do trade simulation.

    You will know when you got something real.
  3. cornix


    Simple technically, but very hard emotionally. If you have no psychological issues, then you are lucky or properly skilled and it will be easy for you. :)
  4. ocean5


    What do you mean by 'psychological issues' and 'properly skilled'?
  5. cornix


    Issues like uncontrolled fear, greed, lack of discipline etc.

    Properly skilled is pro poker player for example, who is skilled to successfully deal with all those issues listed above.
  6. ocean5


    What do you mean by 'uncontrolled fear' and 'lack of discipline'
  7. cornix


    Failure to follow one's trading rules correctly because of the intense fear or because of general lack of discipline (poor concentration can fit in that category too, probably).

    Staying in the condition of continuous focus for hours and executing flawlessly as signal appears is much, much harder than many who never tried it, think.

    That's why swing trading is so much easier than day trading. But even then, emotional reactions can lead to execution flaws.
  8. ocean5


    What do you mean by 'intense' fear?
  9. cornix


    Strong enough emotion to paralyse one's ability to follow the pre-defined trading plan correctly and to analyse the market objectively. Measure is individual of course.
  10. ocean5


    What do you mean by 'pre-defined trading plan'?
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