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  1. Normally I wait half an hour before opening any operation in futures. How long do you wait in average time?
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    How you preamble your question is unclear.

    If I were to wait a half-hour before doing anything, I would be perpetually waiting to do it.

    Do you mean from ETH open, RTH open? Of course, futures really don't have those, so that is couched in the NY floor market hours. The "bell".

    In the end, I personally do not wait a set amount of time to enter. I just try to enter where the entry looks most probable to work for the target I have in mind, time-of-day be damned. That's half the battle.
  3. I mean from the opening. Obviously if there is price action before the opening, maybe I will not wait. In other words, with what timeframe do they operate?
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    Hehe, before which opening? There's the futures open, and there's the "regular equity market" open.

    Equity futures are Sunday - Fri, 6PM ET to 5PM ET, with a halt from 4:15PM ET to 4:30PM ET.

    The "regular equity market" is Monday - Fri, 9:30AM ET to 4PM ET.

    So in futures, there is price action before the regular equity market open, because futures are open. Obviously, there's no action at all when futures are closed.
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    9:45am ET is the time, when you get a strong move, which then sets the trade, so I wait 15mins, generally after all news or events including opening.
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  6. The advantage of 15 minutes is that the risk is lower and the benefit is greater. But with 30 minutes the action of the price is more clear. The two timeframes have advantages and disadvantages.
  7. I know but I like to sleep.:D
  8. In the change I can not enter. I have to see that the change really happened. There are also advantages and disadvantages. If you advance you can operate with a very low risk, but you can also skip your stop. There is no grail, sometimes something works very well. Until it stops working.:D
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    There is no change only ZUUL!

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