Wait For The EOD Rally

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  1. Should be easy manipuliation on such light volume.
  2. The fundamental of the US economy are still strong. Nothing changed economically between now and June 2007, except for very small dips in consumer spending wages. Unemployment is still very low due to the strength of the service sector. The market should surge much higher from here very soon, and I would not be surprised if we ended green today.

    We're seeing consecutive white candles and volume picking up- a good sign.
  3. Yup..stocks will rally at a perfect 45 degree angle from now will the close. Buy all you can. Don't fade this rally. This rally is the real deal .
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    It's certainly possible, but couldn't "they" manipulate it down just as easy?
  5. nope. look at the consecutive white candles & surge in volume
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    Your college's geometry professor should be fired.
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    Dow 14k by EOY!
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    How long should we wait for an EOD rally? Minutes, hours or days?
  9. doesn't matter. The dow can easily surge 200 points in the final 30 minutes. That happened last Monday and odds are it will happen today.

    Wow 30 point white candle..it's over . Panic covering into the close.

    Keep mind mind that just like in 2002-2003 ALL bad news is priced in. What that means is that the market is immune to bad econ data, and the only direction is up. Believe it or not, we're still higher than October 0th close.
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    college? you give too much credit
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